Our Approach

Chimera Strategies is a Mergers and Acquisitions firm founded by Gary B Kane MBA, CFA in 2011.

We provide strategic advisory services on 1) business sales & divestitures and 2) business acquisitions to the Lower Middle Market employing our proprietary investment banking process or M&A LITE®.

Our Value Proposition

We provide traditional investment banking services to the lower middle market business owner.

Our Niche

We facilitate industry consolidations. We believe the best buyer of a lower middle market business is a business in the same or similar industry and in the same or similar geography.

Our Guiding Principles

  • Keeping it Simple
  • Being Persistence. If we persist, continue to try and charge forward we will succeed.
  • Having Discipline. A culture of discipline is not a principle of business it is a principle of greatness.
  • Providing Service. If we don’t take care of our clients someone else will.
  • Making Mistakes. Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.
  • Building Relationships. To teach and be taught.

M&A Lite®

M&A LITE® is a traditional investment banking process tailored for the lower middle market.

The process is led by senior professionals with a background and experience in all aspects of mergers, acquisitions and strategic advisory for the lower middle market.

The Assessment

We believe this is one of our differentiators. We will take the time necessary to evaluate your business and understand your goals including what a successful exit might look like. We are interested in engagements, not listings and focused on success.

The Marketing Materials

We prepare the necessary materials to go to market. These include the Teaser, the Confidential Informational Memo or CIM, a Financial Analysis, Frequently Asked Question Documents (“FAQs”), the Management Presentations and a virtual dataroom.

Go to Market Strategy

We believe this is our second differentiator. In addition to the standard tool and techniques used by other M&A Advisors, we also utilize our “secret sauce” have to find the right buyer at the right price and terms and with the ability to close.

The Diligence Process

This is a time consuming and intensive process. We quarterback the process, advise you and move it forward each day.

The Closing

A successful exit for our client.